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Washroom Hygiene Solutions 


Your washroom says more about your organisation than you realise. It speaks volumes to your staff and visitors about how your organisation is run and how it treats people. Providing a clean, pleasant and modern washroom is a positive reflection on your organisation and its values.


TSS Hygiene work with organisations of all sizes UK Nationwide to ensure they meet their duty of care obligations and provide fully-serviced, hygienic washrooms that meet the needs of their specific visitors, staff and collegues.


Feminine Hygiene 


Disposing of sanitary waste can be a sensitive and nerve-wracking experience because poorly maintained hygiene sanitary bins are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. 

TSS Hygiene's feminine hygiene unit services gives you the confidence that your visitors have a safe, hygienic and simple way to dispose of their sanitary waste.

Through customer feedback, we have created a supremely hygienic method of disposing of sanitary waste. Each Signature sanitary bin houses an integral anti-microbial coating that prevents the spread of germs and contains a BioFresh insert that combats any unpleasant odours.




Cubicle Hygiene


The washroom cubicle can be a haven for germs and we know that poor ongoing maintainance can result in odour and hygiene issues, leading to staff and visitor dissatisfaction. TSS Hygiene's complete range of solutions and services will keep your washrooms clean for your visitors and customers. 




Washroom Waste Disposal


Hygiene waste can be tricky to dispose of. Whether it is sanitary, nappy or incontinence products, most classified waste must be dealt with by a licensed waste carrier. Our comprehensive range of serviced and non serviced bins ensure your hygiene waste is dealt with in a professional and timely manner.




Washroom Hygiene Service Options 


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