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High-Performance Hand Dryers


Germs love moisture, making wet hands the perfect way for them to escape from the washroom and infect your whole premise. Using effective hand dryers after hand washing will improve hygiene standards, reduce employee absenteeism and improve productivity. Investing in high quality hand dryers will improve your site's hand hygiene; other benefits include reduced queues and saving money against using paper towels. 

Our hand dryers provide quick and hygienic ways of drying hands. From sensors to bi-or multi directional air jet flows, our dryers maximise energy efficiency, reduce drying time and increase any site's overall hand hygiene. Crucially, hand dryers can be more economical and environmentally friendly than paper towels, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Benefits of providing hand drying solutions


  • Provide washroom users with hygienic and effective hand drying solutions
  • Reduce the number of germs left on hands after washing
  • Reduce the transmission of germs from damp hands onto surfaces


Explore our hand dryer range


Our expansive range of professional hand dryers are available to buy or rent. Spanning from cost-effective hands-under to premium hands-in options, we have the hand dryer to suit your budget and requirements.



TSS Hygiene Hand Dryer Service Options


After our trained representative has assessed your specific requirements they will use this information to recommend the right hand dryer. Many of our dryers are available on both outright purchase or serviced contracts, depending on your preference.




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